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The Christmas Tree is Here to Stay

The tradition of decking the halls with a Christmas tree may have begun years before Queen Victoria and her German Prince, Albert, stood around their first tree with their family in 1846, but one thing is sure:

The Christmas tree is here to stay.

And while store-bought ornaments came much later, after homemade ornaments, apples, berries, popcorn, nuts and cookies had graced the boughs of the evergreen for a few years, and after candles had been replaced by electric lights, by the 1890s ornaments were the standard fare from Germany, and almost everyone wanted a tree to put them on - Europeans and Americans alike.

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Is a Christmas Tree Just as Important as the Gifts Underneath It?

Yes, Perhaps Even More

There is a family in need living right up your street. You know this because the mother has just lost her job and the father is not living at home. Perhaps there has been some talk in your church about the family, or you see the children walking the neighborhood without shoes in the icy snow. It may be the family is silent about their situation – as silent as the night Christ came into this world. Only those who saw the star and traveled to the Christ child rejoiced at his birth.

We may think of our neighbor who struggles with depression every year, or the husband who is left to take care of his children since his wife’s passing. Perhaps the family who used to have ‘everything’ has no tree this year because the house they were living in was lost in a fire.

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